CA Capitol BuildingThe Cal State L.A. Advocacy program works with CSULA alumni, faculty, staff, students and volunteers on a variety of key legislative issues facing the CSU and the University. Major issues include, state budget and capital planning, advocacy on key legislation, and support for CSU and campus priorities.

The Advocacy Program at Cal State L.A. is a crucial contact point with California legislators and state agencies. In partnership with colleagues from CSU campuses throughout California, we are responsible for ongoing communication with state senators and state assembly members from the greater Los Angeles region, state agency officials, and members of the governorís administration.

The goal of the Advocacy Program is to enhance public understanding of and support for the CSU and Cal State L.A. by:

  • Informing constituents about legislative and budget initiatives which affect the mission and activities of the CSU and CSULA and encourage support of ballot measures
  • Enlisting and mobilizing alumni volunteers to help convey CSU and CSULA specific messages to local and state government representatives.
  • Educating and securing lawmakers support of issues affecting the CSU system
  • Fostering effective relationships with elected officials and policy makers
  • Building awareness about pertinent legislative issues by means of a sophisticated constituent communications system


The advocacy committee creates and coordinates support for CSULA and the California State University among State, Federal and locally elected officials through advocacy efforts of individual alumni, alumni organizations and campus officials. The responsibilities of the committee members are to work with staff in determining program priorities; to assist in planning evaluation programs; to help staff in recruiting, mentoring, and training advocacy program participants; to attend advocacy committee events and play a leadership role in order to become articulate spokespersons on CSULA and CSU legislative and governmental issues; and to become knowledgeable about legislative advocacy techniques and volunteer political involvement.

If you are interested in getting more involved with the CSULA Advocacy Committee, please contact Maria Ubago '98 '06 at (323) 343-4945 or email her at mubago@cslanet.calstatela.edu.


As a Supporter of Cal State L.A. and the California State University system, you can make a difference -- but only if your voice is heard by our elected officials. With your help we can ensure that Cal State L.A. remains a priority for elected officials, community leaders and others involved in the legislative and budget processes so that our faculty, staff and students have the support they need to continue the tradition of leadership, excellence and opportunity that Cal State L.A. has established.

Join us in our mission to promote access to a high quality college education for all academically eligible students and to make student success a reality. Show the state's lawmakers that you care about higher education and the value of what Cal State L.A. has done for you and our community. Click on the image and take action today!

CSULA E-Advocacy Legislative Action Center

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