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Jim Lynch Jim Lynch is an experienced civic, business and corporate leader, with a professional background as a chamber of commerce executive, newspaper publisher, business owner and corporate executive. He has had a long and comprehensive experience in civic leadership, economic development and as a volunteer with government and charitable organizations. Mr. Lynch is a graduate of the United States Chamber of Commerce four-year Institute for Organization Management at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana; he holds both a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Los Angeles and is currently pursuing a Juris Doctor degree at the Abraham Lincoln University, School of Law.

"Iím Jim Lynch, your Alumni Networks Representative. Our Alumni Networks are here to aid you in your success and help you move your career forward. My goals for the Alumni Networks are: to increase membership and participation, to provide Networks with the support they need to meet the needs of their members, and to increase the visibility of the Networks in the Alumni Association, the University and the community. I encourage you to join an Alumni Network, where you can expand your social, business, and personal contacts, discover opportunities, enhance your reputation, gain information, build knowledge, and develop your skills and interests through participation in networking, educational and community events."

Itís a free Alumni member benefit, so join a Network today!

Mr. James Lynch '75 '77
J.D. Lynch & Associates
Cal State L.A. Alumni Networks Representative


Alumni Network exist for a variety of reasons:

  • Alumni NetworkNetworks enable alumni members to "network" with fellow alumni for professional as well as social reasons;
  • Networks are a common link for alumni to the University, the Association, and current students and faculty;
  • Networks provide an array of educational, career oriented and social programs for alumni members;
  • Networks enhance the Association's visibility among current students.


The Business Alumni Network, the Education Alumni Network, the Engineering Alumni Network, Entertainment and the Arts Alumni Network, and the Nursing Alumni Network are specialized Alumni Networks that provide members who have the same academic or professional field an opportunity to host events for a common reason.

Alumni NetworkIf you are a new, current, or existing Alumni Association member and you have not yet chosen a FREE Network, email the Cal State L.A. Alumni Association at, to update your membership!

If you are not an Alumni Association member, JOIN NOW and choose your Alumni Network!



Are you interested in forming a new Network, but do not know how to get started? Don't worry! Your Alumni Association is here to assist you. Here is how Alumni Networks are established:

  • Alumni NetworkAlumni interested in establishing a new network must complete the Alumni Network Application (doc). It must be filed with the Alumni Association by the due date noted on the application. Each network should have two alumni member volunteer coordinators named as representatives.
  • The Alumni Association Board of Directors will review Network applications as they are received at one of its four scheduled meetings each year. The Board will decide whether or not to approve the proposed Network. The Board may require additional information before it proceeds.
  • Once the Network is approved by the Board there will be a one year probationary period. During this time the network must maintain a minimum of 50 members to gain the full rights and recognition afforded to Alumni Networks.

For detailed information on our network guidelines and procedures to start a network, email the Cal State L.A. Alumni Association at