Notable Alumni

(compiled by the California State University, Los Angeles Office of Public Affairs)

Cal State LA has more than 205,000 alumni, many of whom are prominent leaders in their fields today. From state legislators and innovative classroom teachers, to muralists, leading engineers, CEOs, and highly regarded healthcare providers, Cal State LA alums are a guiding force in the direction of their communities and industries of work.

Some of Cal State LA's most notable alumni include:

  • Lee Baca 71, L.A. County Sheriff
  • James A. Bell 97, current CFO and former interim CEO/President of Boeing Company
  • Warren Bryant 71, chairman and CEO of Longs Drugs Stores
  • Steve Cooley 71, Los Angeles County District Attorney
  • Sal Castro 61, Los Angeles Unified School District educator and activist
  • Elizabeth Devine 85, former CSI: Miami Producer
  • Samuel T. Durrance 72, 74, astrogeophysicist and two-time payload specialist on NASA spacecraft missions
  • Alan J. Fohrer 81, CEO Southern California Edison Company
  • John Huerta 65, General Counsel for Smithsonian Institution
  • Art Leahy 74, CEO L.A. Metro
  • Billie Jean King, professional tennis player
  • Rosario Marin 83, 41st U.S. Treasurer
  • Kenneth Noonan 67, California State Board of Education member
  • John D. Petersen 70, President of the University of Tennessee
  • Kent Twitchell 72, muralist
  • Joseph Wambaugh 60, novelist and bestselling author
  • Diane Watson 67, U.S. Representative
  • Earl G. Yarbrough 74, President of Savannah State University

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