Cal State LA Alumni Association Mission

Cal State L.A. The enormous impact alumni have had on higher education and their future contribution potential make it necessary for the University to continue to spend the time, energy and resources promoting alumni relations. The alumni are as integral part of the University's success as they are essential to the advancement of institution to grow deep roots and to continue to provide opportunity for the people of Los Angeles. The alumni do this by volunteering their time, utilizing their talents, and leveraging their contacts.

Because Cal State LA is a University of the people, the continued involvement of the alumni helps ensure that a quality educational opportunity exists for future generations to come. Building a strong University with a secure future is a task and responsibility which must continue to be shared by all members of the University community as we all share a common destiny.

Through the process of developing their strategic plan and mission the Alumni Association is demonstrating its commitment to a partnership with the University to ensure that Cal State LA continues to grow and flourish in the city of Los Angeles.

The Mission of the Cal State LA Alumni Association

To foster relationships among alumni, students and community by providing services and activities that build loyalty, support and a lifelong connection to the University.