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Marlene Carney Mrs. Marlene Carney '76
Sylvia Martinez Mrs. Sylvia Martinez '82, '87, '98
Fredy Ceja Mr. Fredy Ceja '03, '08
Vice President
Chair, Advocacy Committee
Dwight Nakata Mr. Dwight Nakata '81
Chair, Finance Review Committee
Jim Lynch Mr. Jim Lynch '75, '77
Director at Large
Alumni Networks Representative
Mr. Emilio Campos

Mr. Emilio Campos '83
Director at Large

Ms. Marisela Cervantes

Ms. Marisela Cervantes '00
Director at Large

Kim Clements

Ms. Kim Clements '10
Director at Large

Carlos Cruz Mr. Carlos Cruz '06
Director at Large
Paul Gomez Mr. Paul Gomez '88
Director at Large
Mr. Adam Leach Mr. Adam Leach '01
Director at Large
Joey Legaspi Mr. Joey Legaspi '04
Director at Large
Mr. Luis Rojas Mr. Luis Rojas '88
Director at Large
Gary Sakaguchi Mr. Gary Sakaguchi '81
Director at Large
Mr. Barney Santos Mr. Barney Santos '13
Director at Large
Alicia Tycer Ms. Alicia Tycer '11
Director at Large
Donna Zero Dr. Donna Zero '76
Director at Large
Chair, Scholarship Committee

Ex. Officio Members

Dr. Janet S. Dial Dr. Janet S. Dial
Vice President for University Advancement and
Executive Director of the Cal State L.A. Foundation
Maria Ubago Ms. Maria Ubago '98, '06
Executive Director
Alumni Relations
Mr. Shane Vera Mr. Shane Vera
Associated Students, Incorporated